Cigar Pipe


More of the same kind...

Pipe is made of Briar.

Top (ash) decoration made of Buck-Eye burl.

Middle part made of Ebonite and acrylic.

Aspida with briar dress as well.

Acrylic mouthpiece with ebonite and acrylic rings.






Item # Cigar-A


23 mm
 -  mm
150 mm
15 mm
49 mm
 -  gr

For the record:
Well, a customer of mine needed a cigar pipe but he is used to smoke using my Aspida system.
Thus I had to "invent" a new version.

I started studying Zeppelin and Chris Morgan cigar-pipes (as you can see in the last photo), making many sketches and smoking a lot.

I made my own test pipe (dark-brown-blasted in the middle), I tried it many times, made corrections and more sketches and finally came up with my "robusto" one that you see here.