Two tobaccos in a Sphere


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Briar bowl and shank



You can smoke this pipe lighting up two different tobacco kinds at the same time!

Or you can choose to smoke from any bowl individually.







The three small plugs let you make the choice. One is longer and closes the air hole you choose completely, so you can smoke the other bowl independently.
In order to smoke from both bowls you just screw the two sorter ones (which let both air holes open).
In addition the plugs act as a base for making the sphere-pipe able to stand and not roll over.


Quite a trouble to drill it correctly...


Ebonite mouthpiece and decorations




Mouthpiece does have the bit at an angle in order to exactly follow your lips curve.
In any way you hold the pipe (with your left or your right hand) you can twist it accordingly for better comfort.


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162 mm
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30/31 mm
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