Fado gold

You know about "Listen to a song and try to sketch something"... It sounded somehow silly for me to try it. But follow the story and maybe you will excuse my pride.

Last summer I visited Portugal and I really liked this small and modest country! Surely counts here the singular way our guide @Victor Santos presented the local life and his unique ability to fluently parallel facts with Greece.
Among the other beauties of Portugal I literally discovered their own kind of music called "Fado". In a night-bar, no microphones, low lights, I was deeply fascinated by the romantic and for me highly erotic atmosphere that Fado emerges.

Coming back to Greece I searched YouTube and found "Carminho". Especially her "Alma" album. Hearing this lady I had the sense that I was back there in that bar present!
Without much thinking, my hand touched the sketch paper...
Well, if you listen to this music you may also agree on the curves of my pipe...

Gold 18Kt decoration leaf



Ebonite Mouthpiece  


Item # 1451


52/70 mm
46/72 mm
202 mm
19 mm
47 mm
51 gr